Personalized Gift Box


Do you prefer custom boxes to express your feelings? We can personalize this box for your favorite person. Choose the name, color, message and your favorite Plushie. Always choose a personalized gift…an unique gift for an unique person…

What does it include?

  • Personalized box
  • Beautiful plushie with bubble gum essence
  • Personalized Giant Balloon
  • 2 foil balloons


Note: You can make it more special by adding chocolates at the check-out 🙂


  • Bety
  • Bulldog
  • Cat Boy
  • Cow
  • Cute Bear
  • Cute Dog Boy
  • Cute Dog Girl
  • Gorilla Boss
  • Gorilla Girl
  • Gorilla Girl 2
  • Handsome
  • Lion Boy
  • Lion Girl
  • Little Doggy Boy
  • Sheep Doggy
  • Sport Cat
  • Sport Gorilla
  • Unicorn
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